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His teachings and transmission had a profound influence on the rest of my life and the gratitude I feel in my Heart for what was offered and received will forever remain. As I write blogposts and articles, I have a tendency to capitalize those words that have deeper meaning to me as an outward expression of the Divine qualities. The difference between capitalizing or not lies in the felt sense of the conscious connection with your Essence. I made a list of many of the words that I capitalize on my website and occasionally in my blog posts, to dispel any confusion of this new way of using capitalization. It literally raises your frequency and affects your words and actions as well as the impact you have on the world. This feeling has a different quality of Knowing that cannot be compared to the knowing of the mind or the past. Knowing is different than something you read, learn or hear from outside of you. Oneness is the state of no division. From your personal oneness it can expand and give you initial experiences of Oneness with everything and everyone around you. Guidance can come from a map, a friend, a sherpa, book or anything outside yourself.
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May 15, Uncategorized. Femininity and art have been closely intertwined throughout history. When we think of masculine and feminine energy, masculine energy can be seen as very strong, logical, analytical and fast — very Yang. Whereas feminine energy is very gentle, soft, receptive and creative — very Yin. In our culture the topic on gender equality is so prevalent and spoken about more then ever. Which is a good thing. A very necessary thing. However, there has been a push to view men and women as not only equal — but as exactly the same. On our quest for equality amongst the sexes we must remember that we can be equal but different. Women do not need to have the same types of traits, interests or passions as men to be equal to them.

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Embodied Feminine Flow — designed by Silfath Pinto — is a dance and movement practice which combines various techniques. This allows you to remember your true self and access your inner womb wisdom. You then can heal and shift your patterns and belief system and therefore create a new paradigm and the life you have envisioned for yourself. Women of all different ages, ethnics and lifestyles come together. They share their thoughts, fears, hopes, experiences and revelations about a selected topic. They come to heal and to be healed. To support and be supported. To be seen, to be heard, to be celebrated. They come to move. To dance.

Finding your feminine essence in a masculine world is not an easy feat. As women, regardless of sexual orientation, we carry a watery nature, an essence, a juiciness and creativity that has been given to us by nature.

We can create and birth a human being. Menstruation is one way the body expresses that power. Amenorrhea, or the absence of menses, during a time in our lives when we are expected to have it aka when we are not postmenopausal, is a sign of imbalance. A sign, that points toward something undiscovered. Kristen so thoughtfully shares how she is peeling away the layers to find her feminine essence; how she willingly sets her PhD-achiever-self aside and embraces the softness and flow of the feminine.

She is also a yoga health coach, yoga instructor and Qi Gong Teacher Trainee. She believes that everyone can enjoy Vibrant Wellbeing and that self-care is at the heart of it. Inspired by her grandmother who taught blind children to navigate a world without sight, Kristen will illuminate a path for you to S. How to activate your sacred feminine. A seasoned MDs view on hysterectomies.

Treten Sie unserer Mailingliste bei, um die neuesten Nachrichten und Updates von unserem Team zu erhalten. Your feminine essence is already within you.

Find it. Be it. Subscribe to Women Gone Vibrant. What to read next: 3 effortless steps to anchor self-care into your daily life Body Shape is not the same as Taking Care of yourself. What to listen to next: How to activate your sacred feminine A seasoned MDs view on hysterectomies.

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