Federal Court judge Arifin Zakat :. It is beyond reasonable doubt that Saiful was sodomized by the appellant. The appeal is dismissed. People are angry, they're angry at what's going on, they're angry at the border, they're angry at the crime, they're angry at people coming in and shooting Kate [Steinle] in the back in California, in San Francisco, they're angry when Jamiel Shaw was shot in the face by an illegal immigrant, they're angry when the woman, the veteran, 65 years old, is raped sodomized and killed by an illegal immigrant. And they're very angry about it and, by the way, thousands of other cases like that. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe. If by any chance you spot an inappropriate image within your search results please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Word in Definition. How to pronounce sodomized? Alex US English.
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It is on my mind because of the recent news that David Ritcheson, a young Mexican-American who was violently raped in , jumped to his death on July 1st from the deck of a cruise ship. Ritcheson was raped with a plastic pole. He required two dozen surgeries to correct the damage done to his body from the violent episode.
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Toggle nav. By in a specific sexual sense translating Greek paiderastein. Related: Sodomized ; sodomizing. In Dutch slang, besodemieteren means "to deceive," and evidently is built from the traditional notion of "corruption" in Sodom. He mimed thrusting movements with his hips as if to tell the poor unfortunates that he intended to sodomize them after he had killed them. In this case, he is charged with kidnapping a thirteen-year-old girl, violating her with a foreign object, and then directing his unidentified accomplice to rape and sodomize her. Not because he was a pervert who thought she was a boy he could sodomize , but because he had insulted her by calling her a girl. The other factor that led police to believe that the boys had been sodomized was that their anuses had appeared dilated, or unnaturally open, when the bodies were removed from the water. He was wet with blood from head to foot and sodomized each torso in turn, dragging the poor creatures by the hair in a semi-circle around him to witness the hellish torture of their fellow sufferers. Around the time they finished processing the crime scene, they got word from the hospital that the suspects had sodomized Kendra with some type of stick.
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To sodomize is to engage in sodomy with someone. Historically, sodomy has been interpreted as any of a variety of sexual acts that are not intended for reproduction, including anal sex, oral sex, or any nonheterosexual sex act. It is most commonly applied to anal sex between men. Sodomize is often used in an offensive way meant to condemn such sexual activity as deviant. For this reason, the term is inappropriate or offensive in many contexts. The first evidence of the word sodomy comes from the s, and records of sodomize appear in the s. But the history of the word is ancient. The word sodomy comes from Sodom, the name of the city described in the Biblical account in the Book of Genesis. According to the account, God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for what are portrayed as unacceptable sexual practices, primarily anal sex between men. Among Christians throughout history, the predominant interpretation of this passage of the Bible is that sodomy is a sin involving nonprocreative sex sex that is not intended for procreation , or reproduction , especially nonheterosexual sex and anal sex.

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